Orto Vins (D.O. Montsant)


This is a project by Joan Asens (the former oenologist of the Alvaro Palacios winery in the Priorat region and the father of the famous L’Ermita red), along with 3 partners and friends from the town of Masroig, who are following the footsteps of their parents, grandparents and great grandparents in traditional vine growing. They all come from the coop tradition, which dates back more than 70 years. And they have now returned to their winemaking origins, to a time in which each grower made his/her own wine at home. Hence, in 2008 they once again made wine from the grapes of their vineyards to display all of their potential, the product of years of work of several generations.

Orto Vins makes its wines in keeping with biodynamic agricultural methods, with total respect for the vineyard and the land. The project began in 2008, and after just a few years, their wines are beginning to amass acclaim and prizes, thanks to a job well done.