Clos Lentiscus (D.O. Penedès)

Founded in the fourteenth century, the farmhouse of Can Ramon always had her work related to the world of wine: wine agriculture, commerce with Southern France and the American colonies. But in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, with the problems of phylloxera, industrialization and the Spanish Civil War, the property goes into decline.

In 2001, the descendants of the owning family, brothers Manel and Joan Aviñó, passionate about the world of wine, started a very ambitious project, return the brilliance that had enjoyed the Estate.

This project happens to make wines as before, using earth-friendly growing older systems without the use of pesticides and herbicides. Following the moon cycles for planting, pruning or harvesting and respect it at time of bottling.

Located in the Garraf Mountains and across the Mediterranean Sea, in Sant Pere de Ribes, the property is arranged on a calcareous mass, with shallow soils on which we can find marine fossils, which provide many microelements and minerals that the vine easily absorbed and grant a unique character and great aging potential with mineral character to the wines, which is present in the best wine producing areas in the world.