The family grows! And grows with another class member, Vins del Tros winery, from Terra Alta D.O., one of the leading projects in Catalonia. Created in 2009, this young but already acclaimed project seeks to produce wines of exceptional purity exploiting the potential of the old vines of red and whiteGrenache, the two main traditional local varieties, but looking for a cooler style than usual because they are located on the highest point of the region. They recently expanded its portfolio with two other native varieties: Carignan and nearly extinct Morenillo, unique in Terra Alta. Purity, character and elegance are the hallmarks of Vins of Tros.

With this third addition in 2014, after the exciting projects of Marc Ripoll at Priorat and Vins de taller at Empordà, which we add the known Orto Vins in Montsant, and Clos Lentiscus and Pardas at Pendès, Moon Wine continues its strategy of be the international distributor of reference for the most prestigious projects in Catalonia.

Vins Del Tros-CentXCent

Vins Del Tros-Te la Dedico

Vins Del Tros-Ay de Mi