The “Terra Alta” Appellation was recognised provisionally in 1972. Together with Alella, Conca de Barberà, Empordà, Penedès, Priorat i Tarragona, and is one of the seven historic denominations of origin of Catalonia. The production and winegrowing area of the DO “Terra Alta” (DOTA) is situated to the south of Catalonia, between the River Ebro and the borders of Aragon and includes the 12 municipalities of the county of Terra Alta.

The landscape has all the features of an interior region near the Mediterranean Sea: Pre-coastal limestone mountain range, small rivers, rocky conglomerate mountains, holm oak and white pines woods and, above all, the agricultural soil coloured by typical Mediterranean farming: vineyards and almond and olive groves. The cultivated soil is generally of medium texture. Its common denominator is its limestone richness and its lack of organic material. Another feature of the character of the Mediterranean interior is the climate. Abundant sunshine and little rainfall which make two distinguishing characteristics: a unique balance between two predominating winds, el “Cerç” (NW) i les “garbinades” (sea winds from the south) and a cold winter that is typically continental.

There are vineyards in every type of landscape, the plain, plateau and valley and are especially concentrated in the third central area of production between 350 and 550 metres. The predominance of the traditional grape varieties is the other defining feature of the viticulture of the DOTA and it is mainly through the Grenache where this fact is most evident. White and red Grenache and Hairy Grenache are the main varieties of grape.

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