Celler Ripoll Sans – Cal Batllet (D.O.Q. Priorat)

The winery Cal Batlle, with Marc Ripoll forward, have been cultivating our old vines for winemaking Closa Batllet and Petit Batllet since 2000, with every effort to show the personality of the “terroir” of Priorat.

It is in the 10th harvest, 2009, when we decided to take a definitive step with the philosophy of terroir wines: the “Vins de Vila” of the DOQ Priorat, a step in the pyramid of the guarantee of origin.

All the wines we produce since 2009 under the indication “Vi de Vila” and are named after the village where the vineyards from which we obtain grapes belong: GRATALLOPS and TORROJA. The aim is to guarantee the origin of the wine, and reinforce the distinct identity of each people, with the wines produced there.

The “Vins de Vila” can only be developed exclusively with grapes from vineyards in the same subzone where is the cellar, and exceptionally other towns if the winery ensures ownership of the vineyard. Thus any mixture of grapes from different areas and the sale of wine is excluded.

In the winery Cal widely Batllet we fulfill all the requirements to produce wines with the indication “Vi de Vila” and take this regulation as a way to offer the best quality and personality of each wine.