Carlania Celler (D.O. Conca de Barberà).


Carlania Celler is a family farm where Jordi Miró and Sònia Gomà-Camps gives continuity to the faming of family land. Since 2007 they’re working with the conviction that a great wine can be made only from the best vineyards.

Their estates, with a total of 10 hectares are certified organic and all Carlania Celler’s wines are made, in whole or in part, with the variety Trepat, autochthon from the Conca de Barbera Appellation, since they consider important preserve and promote their own varieties of the land they cultivate.

The productions are limited and the wines are artisan made with the application of new technologies for the production of high quality products.

“We try to transmit these values, this authenticity, our hopes, our efforts, some of us, from our lives, in our wines”