Great Parker scores for Orto Vins!

Published recently emerged new Parker scores for wines and caves from Catalonia in the April issue of The Wine Advocate. Neil Martin, new Parker’s men for Spain highlights Montsant D.O. above the average, and tells that “beyond Priorat the most exciting region for me is definitely the one that surrounds it: Montsant. It is as if the Montsant winemakers are feeding off the innovation and progress of their neighbours but developing their own distinctive style, the red wines less heavy, fresh, floral and often quite feminine. I adored their vibrancy and joie de vivre. If Priorat is Pauillac then Montsant is Margaux.

Among them, Orto Vins wines have achieved some magnificent scores, placing their wines among the best:


  • Les Tallades de Cal Nicolau 2009: 94 points
  • La Carrerada 2009: 93 points
  • Palell 2009: 92 points
  • Les Comes d’Orto 2010: 91 points
  • Orto 2010: 89 points
  • Les Pujoles 2009: 89 points
  • Blanc d’Orto 2010: 86 points


From Orto Vins cellar Martin tells “I had never heard of Orto Vins before I tasted through their range. I was impressed by both the consistency and by their pursuit of single varietal bottling that might come at a price, but satisfy the curiosity of those who enjoy foraging for lesser known grapes. I thought their wines were extremely well-made and packaged”

In Moonwine we are very pleased with this reconnaissance, especially because we are talking about Orto’s second vintage!!! And firs time Parker’s team taste it!!!

From Moonwine we congratulate the whole Orto Vins team and encourage them to continue working in this direction to be even better in the future!