Vins del Tros (D.O. Terra Alta)

The Vins del Tros singular project was created in 2009 by Joan Ramon Bada, winemaker, and Josep Arrufat, vintner. Both were born in Vilalba dels Arcs, have been friends from childhood and are passionate about the vineyards and wine from their land. Later, another wine culture enthusiast from our country, Xavier Orobitg, joined our team, bringing his extensive professional experience to this exciting project.

Their main objective is to produce wines that represent the distinctive characteristics from the region where they are made in the Terra Alta, by using the old vines of Red and White Grenache, the two main traditional local varieties, but looking for more fresh style that is usual in this area, because they are located on the highest point of Terra Alta, 500 meters above sea level.

Recently they expanded its portfolio with two other native varieties: Carignan and nearly extinct Morenillo, unique in Terra Alta.

Purity, character and elegance: Vins del Tros.